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Contemporary visual arts are at the heart of each Rasa-project. Based in Antwerp, we have developed and presented travelling exhibitions for children and young people for over twentyfive years. We stimulate children to look at art. Not zapping from image to image, but slowly. To enjoy art and to see what’s real.

Rasa wants to show children images of beauty in between all of the commercial images they are used to see. One of the goals of the projects we launch is to make children think about socially relevant themes. Rasa collaborates with cultural and social organisations and schools and aims for diversity and a democratic dispersion.

Rasa chooses for children | Children look around to find their place in this world. Everything is new. Everything is fascinating. Whether it is nature or made by human hands. Children look at art with feelers, with an open mind and heart. We respect them as a fully-fledged individual. Their open way of looking, feeling and thinking always inspires us. At Rasa they are offered an artistic experience on their wavelength.

Rasa chooses for contemporary art | Art is an eye opener. Contemporary art expresses the spirit of the times. Showing art of today has the advantage that you can collaborate with artists of today. Rasa builds bridges between artist(s), artwork and the young audience.

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ME YOU US started as a research project about the identity discovery, acknowledgement and development of young people. The travelling exhibition, with mobile app, that followed in 2014, running until 2016, has reached more than 20.000 children, their parents, teachers and youth workers.

You are looking for what makes you you. Is it your origin? Is it what you have or what you wear? What you believe? What you expect from yourself? What role do your genes play? What role does your upbringing play, your environment?

develop your identity in interaction with the other. You mirror yourself in the other person's eyes. The other determines how you think about yourself, who you are.

With whom do you feel connected? When do you form a group? Why do you need the group? With the stories of your group, you build a common identity. Being part of a group is exciting: how do you belong and how do you stay yourself?

Ik Jij Wij Karin Borghouts
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Ik Jij Wij in Schoten
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Ik Jij Wij Karin Borghouts
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This project stays relevant in a lot of different contexts, so we attuned the content and material, and developed a travelling art room, a manual for coaches and teachers, and soon a digital tool about identity.

ME YOU US in South Africa

Rasa works together with the POP youth centre in Prince Albert and MADaboutART in Nekkies, Knysna. Rasa shares the experience and content around the theme of identity with these organisations. Because we believe that it can make a sensible contribution to the lives of South-African children in poverty in particular and their companions in the local community. The aim: a creative art program that wants to empower the local coaches of the existing youth centers. We created a thinking key with different artworks, methods and exercises for the children that can be used to explore their own plural identity and helps them to approach all the bigger themes. Theme cards that use art and artistic methods and suggest projects to fully explore these life domains: body, love, gender & diversity, place & community, beauty, nature & ecology, future.






“The fact that we present art to children and young people is the most normal thing in the world: You don't have to adjust anything. Children really know something about life ”- Gerd Dierckx

Children understand the art of understanding art. This accessible book gives impulses to anyone who wants to experience the adventure of art with children. On the basis of challenging questions, critical reflections and striking examples and photos, "Art Eyes" reveals the specific approach of Rasa, an organization that introduces children to contemporary art. This book also quotes children, and most of all it invites them to approach art differently: with open eyes, art eyes.

Available online (only in Dutch) at Exhibitions International, Bol.com, Boek.be & Bruna.nl. Also for sale at various bookshops, Prospekta and the bookshops of M HKA, Middelheim Museum, Museum M, Verbeke Foundation.

Cover Boek Kunstogen

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HAIR (BE) | september 2018 - june 2020

An art installation for young children from 2,5 to 5 years

"Crawl into this playful, sensorial installation and listen to the gentle rustling tone of a hair mobile. Do you see the photos of hairy people around you? They come from all over the world.

Go and explore the exhibition on the outside wall! With a brush you can comb a funny hair drawing. Hairy men dance around on a video, jump along!

Have you discovered all the crazy hair objects in the giant closet? Can you see yourself as a hairy monster?

The crocheted sculptures look you straight in the eye. What are they wearing nice boots!

In HAIR you can watch, feel & play with art. And just like hair you can swing, wave, toss & blow."

HAIR is an installation with videos, collages, objects. It not only shows to watch. It shows to feel, to move, to experience with all senses.
Young children can look, feel and imagine with their own gaze at their own pace. It primarily aims to make toddlers and young children enjoy their very first customized exhibition.

Discover the calendar and more images here!

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© We have heart

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BAT 20190529 HUID

SKIN (BE) | starting september 2019 - until june 2021

Exhibition & research lab for children from 8 to 12 years

Your skin connects you with the outside world. It protects and mirrors you at the same time. Your skin is an antenna that can send and receive.

Tassels on your cheeks or goose bumps, birthmarks, wrinkles or a skin as soft as a peach; the traces on your skin tell your life story. Golden brown or lily white; our skin color has many shades.

But the best thing about your skin is that it can feel fully; soft strokes make your hair stand up, with too much sun it's going to burn. You can also decorate your skin with makeup or tattoo.

SKIN shows artworks by Jalila Essaïdi, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Bart Hess, Eline Willemarck, Margi Geerlinks, Carla van de Puttelaar, Celio Braga, Elke Lutgerink and Renee Verhoeven.

SKIN is more than an exhibition. It is a lab and an experimental place to research together.

A journey of discovery with new experiences, an artistic and unique exchange between parents and children.

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